Tactical Boots VS Hiking Boots | Detailed Comparison

Tactical Boots VS Hiking Boots | Detailed ComparisonWhen we talk about high-grade military quality boots, we often think of really heavy and bulky army shoes that come in browns, blacks, and khakis, right? They provide the perfect way to camouflage yourself and protect your feet from potentially dangerous scenarios. However, as the times have changed, so has the uses and purposes of many different products since now tactical military boots are amazing for many other commercial and casual use.

Now when most average users think of boots, they think hiking boots which of course have traditionally been associated with civilian usage and are therefore more popular as the ultimate outdoorsy boots for the average user, but in our opinion, most contemporary tactical and hiking boots have a lot of similarities along with slight differences. Today’s article is going to pin the two against each other and compare and contrast their most striking features.

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Hiking boots

We are going to start this off with a look into the main features, pros, and cons of hiking boots. When people hear the word hike, they immediately associate this with hiking boots. They’re made to look extremely rough, which makes one think that they are ideal for climbing.

However, some of the main factors that need to be considered for boots like these include a great grip, good and reliable balance, and of course, providing the ultimate comfort along with injury minimization features and impact reducing ones as well.

The best part about hiking boots is that they are fitted with thicker underside than normal and everyday footwear, therefore, lessening the dangers of a lower leg injury and also allow for a far better grip on sloping surfaces.

You should opt for a hiking boot if you fall under one of these situations:

  • You are on the lookout for a shoe that will aid you in hiking or short climbing excursions on easier trails.
  • You need a more lightweight and flexible shoe rather than a heavier one.
  • You aim to carry super-light loads and will only be out for shorter periods.

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Tactical Boots

Now, we are moving on to Tactical Boots, and as we mentioned at the beginning, these are way sturdier and professional-grade shoes as compared to hiking ones.

Tactical boots are worked to secure your feet under even the most extraordinary amounts of pressure, so envision what they may accomplish for you under casual or recreational settings. Contrary to popular belief, normal people have been wearing and making use of tactical boots for quite some time now as they are not just meant for military or police personnel, and why wouldn’t they?

Thanks to their mix of amazing features, which include the ultimate quality, comfort, and resilience, these military-grade boots are excellent for anyone who wishes to traverse into the unknown and onto any rugged landscapes. From mountainous areas to really rocky and untamed terrain, tactical boots can withstand it all!

A great part about these boots is that they are almost always made both of EVA, which is called Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate or an even stronger Polyurethane material that has what it takes to be durable. EVA feels lighter and more comfortable on foot, which is why it is one of the most common choices. This shoe holds a lot of amazing advantages, such as being shockproof, waterproof, and the ability to provide the ultimate comfort.

Now that we have carefully laid out the main offerings of both, we are going to check exactly why each of the two is the best option depending on your needs as a buyer.

Tactical Boots vs Combat Boots

Why should you look for when buying a hiking boot?

The first thing you seriously need to consider is whether or not there is a defined heel as this limits any accidental slippage as this might be the difference between life and death.

Another factor should be whether it reduces chaffing thanks to the padding on both sides.

Why should you look for when buying a tactical boot?

The first thing you need to consider here is the material. Since there are two options, you should see what you can afford as the Polyurethane option is sturdier than the EVA one. However, it also costs more.

A good grip is another amazingly important feature that cannot be missed out on, especially if you will be in potentially dangerous terrain such as steep mountains.

I hope you are going to like this detailed comparison between tactical boots and hiking boots. If you want us to add something else, do let us know in the comments section.

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