How to Choose the Right Tactical Boots | Buyer’s Guide for Beginners

Are you dropped into utter confusion while choosing the right tactical boots for a hiking adventure or an outdoor mission that you want to accomplish?

No worries, I’m here to end your trouble.

Today in this blog post, I’m going to list all the factors that can help you choose the right tactical boots for yourself. But wait, firstly, I will tell you why people prefer tactical boots over any other kind of shoes for the harsh outdoor journeys.

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Why Go for Tactical Boots?

Tactical boots can be your best buddy during travels and on work site too. It provides you the much-required ankle support, toes flexibility, and feet protection all at the same time.

To give your feet the best kind of treatment, choose the most appropriate and comfortable boots for yourself, and treat them the way they deserve!

Though sometimes, the design of these boots is a major constraint for people who want to buy a pair. Let me tell you over here that many innovations and excellent work has been done regarding the design and color combos of these boots.

Before sharing the guide on how to choose the right tactical boots, here is a very nice picture that explains the anatomy of tactical boots:

What are Tactical Boots Made Of

How to Choose the Right Tactical Boots

Choosing the best and most suited pair of boots can be a bit troubling because you might like one feature in a pair and another one in the other!

I’ll drop some tips below that you should go through before going to buy tactical boots for yourself. Let’s dive in!

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1. Look For Traction

Traction, a property that totally depends upon the terrain you are going to walk upon.

In case your travel route or working site has steep slopes and course routes, you are going to get EXTREMELY tired even when you walk for a few meters.

To save your energy for the later enjoyment part or what your duty demands, choose the boots that have enough gripping power.

However, this is not going to be the case always. Sometimes your route may be smooth or have some water streams in between. For that purpose, you don’t need to get highly traction equipped boots.

The reason for this is that boots that have extensive traction capability are a tad heavier than the moderate ones. And while passing through small water streams, the weight might drastically increase, which can cause you a huge trouble in your journey!

Make a decision wisely!

2. Boots Need To Be Breathable

If you are someone, suffering from foot infections and your feet are likely to get swollen at times, you definitely need to have breathable boots.

If your boots do not have venting pads inside, it may cause moisture buildup, which would lead to foot fungus in the future. And you don’t want that, right??

Also, non-breathable boots are likely to produce bad odor, which can spoil the whole of your camping adventure or your work team.


3. Waterproof

You never know, when the weather changes and you have to experience heavy showers of rain while out for work or hiking.

To be on the safe side, its better to get waterproof shoes for yourself so that you don’t have to worry later on. Also waterproof boots would help you cross water hurdles with ease and also keep your socks, and ultimately your feet dry and warm.


4. Zippers or Laces

I don’t know if you are someone who is fond of laces or someone who likes the zipper boots.

I’m personally of the view that zipper boots can be much time saving and easy while going for hike journeys or on work early in the morning. Laces are not my thing.

But if you like them, go for them!

It is said, laces give better support, whereas zippers don’t tighten up much. However, this depends upon the boot type, quality, and flexibility, though it is an important parameter to judge between the two!

5. Shock Absorption

It’s often ideal to choose boots with the capability of shock absorption. Not only this feature keeps your feet protected and secured, but it saves you from the long travel stress.

You would feel less frustrated if you have got the shock absorption boots on as compared to the normal ones.

I’ll want my boots to be shock absorbing because I get tired too early!

6. Make Sure They Fit You Well

Size is an important feature that should have been discussed at the first but anyway.

Choosing the right tactical boots demands you to know your shoe size well so that while shopping, you don’t get confused with the wrong one.

Loose shoes are going to do no favor to you but instead would make your journey or your time-on-site more exhausting. Also, shoes that are too fit are going to make it very uncomfortable for you.

I’ll suggest you get boots that are flexible enough to compensate for any swelling in the future. Also, remember to keep in mind the socks you are going to wear. If they are too thick, get a size bigger to be saved from the trouble later.

Don’t forget to tick mark this important tip while choosing for yourself the right tactical boots!

What Tactical Boots Can Do For You?

Here is a quick summary of what tactical boots do for you:

  • You are injury-prone or have some already existing ankle problems; tactical boots are going to serve you great!
  • You are about to travel over rough, rugged terrain and still want a smooth walk through; these boots are going to provide you ultimate comfort.
  • You are bad at climbing steep slopes and need support while doing that, definitely go for the tactical boots.
  • You are going to some wild place where you might get exposed to snakes and insects, hence need protection; tactical boots are the best option.
  • You are at a construction site, or on a military mission where your feet need complete safety from being exposed to any harm; the boots are going to do this work for you.

These are the basic reasons why Tactical boots come out to be your best bet!

Final Words

Purchasing the best tactical boots is important, but getting the right ones is far more significant! Make sure to consider all the tips I mentioned above to get for yourself the perfect tactical boots for hiking or work purposes and to write another fantastic daily diary page! I hope you will like this how to choose the right tactical boots guide, don’t forget to share it with your friends, fellows, and colleagues.


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