How to Break in Your Tactical Boots [PRO TIPS]

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Many of us suppose that breaking in boots is not necessary, and we can get comfortable with them in the long run’ after some usage.

However, when you can master the art of breaking-in your tactical boots, then why wait for a long period?

There are several easy methods that you can opt for if you want to break in your tactical or combat boots. So, do not hesitate to buy a new pair of boots just because you think they would not provide you comfort and easy travel during the starting days.

You can tune your new boots to serve you the way you want them.


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How to Break in Your Tactical Boots [PRO TIPS]

Here are some of the best tried and tested methods that everyone can follow to break in tactical boots.

Method One: Using Water Directly

This is one of the easiest methods to adopt when you want to break-in your boots quickly. All you are going to need for breaking your boots using is WATER!

But HEY!

Do not follow this procedure if you are someone who has got troubles with moisture. Also, for this method to work accurately and perfectly, your boots must be made of leather. Plastic boots would not be able to serve you that well when they are wet and may also ruin your training or trekking.

First of all, find yourself a bathtub or a water tub.

Fill that tub with water. Do not fill it up entirely because then dropping your boots into that tub would spill all the water on the floor.

Now it’s time to drop your new pair of tactical boots inside that bathtub.

Leave them there for a few minutes unless they get completely soaked. You may perform a check on them by taking them out and observing the dry spots.

Take the boots out of the tub when they are completely soaked and remove the water that is accumulated inside the boots.

Now, take two pairs of socks and wear them. It’s better to wear three pairs too’ because leather shrinks as it dries.

If you wear a single pair of socks, this might shrink the inside of your boots and make them uncomfortable for daily wear.

After you have worn two or more pairs of socks, it’s time to wear your boots now. Wear them for at least a day so that they get the mold to your feet.

After that, it’s an ultimate necessity to dry out your boots as well. Please take out the insoles and place them out in the sunlight.

If you live in an area where there is little or no excess to sunlight, a drying fan will work fine too. Also,’ let your leather boots get dried as well.


The best thing about adopting this wet breaking-in technique is that’ it takes lesser time and also softens up the material of your boots. I am after following this practice, and you won’t feel uncomfortable while walking or running in your tactical boots.

Method Two: Using Water Indirectly

This is yet another technique to break in your tactical boots. However, it is not as quick as the first one but still yields guaranteed results. Let me tell you what you are going to need for breaking in your tactical boots using water indirectly.

Get yourself some polyethylene bags and a bottle full of water that is at room temperature.

You are also going to need a thread to tie the bags

A refrigerator capable of reaching the freezing point of water.

Now let’s get to the procedure of breaking in your tactical boots using ice bags.

FIRST THINGS FIRST’ make sure that the bags you are going to use, do not burst when kept in the freezer for long. Also,’ they are in good order and do not let water drain out of them.

Fill up two bags with water to a level that they can be easily and safely placed inside the boots after tying up with a thread.

Now, after placing those bags inside the boots, its time to place them inside the freezer. Leave it overnight, and in the morning, the water would be frozen. The creation of ice will increase the volume of bags, which will lead to an expansion of boots.

Now your new tactical boots have got more room inside them to hold your feet comfortably. Repeat this procedure at least three nights in a row, and you will get amazing results.

After you are done with it’ wear your new tactical boots using thicker socks so that the leather does not shrink when you go out in the sun for your training activities. Wear thick socks for a week or so,’ and then you can shift back to wearing regular socks that you want to use.

This process though, takes some time but results in good conclusions.

PRO TIP: You can also use a leather conditioner, later on, to make your boots appear like new after they have been exposed to water for a long time, directly or indirectly. Leather conditioners that are used for gloves and jackets are relatively cheap, and you can get them from a local sports outlet. A car leather spray would work well too!


Have you now learnt how to break in your tactical boots? No need to bear the pain and blistering anymore that new boots cause! Your feet can now feel ultimate comfort and safety while you go out for work or on a trip wearing them. I hope you have got enough information from this article. For anything else’ drop down your views in the comments below and I would love to answer all your queries.

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