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How to Break in Your Tactical Boots [PRO TIPS]

Many of us suppose that breaking in boots is not necessary, and we can get comfortable with them in the long run’ after some usage.

However, when you can master the art of breaking-in your tactical boots, then why wait for a long period?

There are several easy methods that you can opt for if you want to break in your tactical or combat boots. So, do not hesitate to buy a new pair of boots just because you think they would not provide you comfort and easy travel during the starting days.

You can tune your new boots to serve you the way you want them.


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How to Break in Your Tactical Boots [PRO TIPS]

Here are some of the best tried and tested methods that everyone can follow to break in tactical boots.

Method One: Using Water Directly

This is one of the easiest methods to adopt when you want to break-in your boots quickly. All you are going to need for breaking your boots using is WATER!

But HEY!

Do not follow this procedure if you are someone who has got troubles with moisture. Also, for this method to work accurately and perfectly, your boots must be made of leather. Plastic boots would not be able to serve you that well when they are wet and may also ruin your training or trekking.

First of all, find yourself a bathtub or a water tub.

Fill that tub with water. Do not fill it up entirely because then dropping your boots into that tub would spill all the water on the floor.

Now it’s time to drop your new pair of tactical boots inside that bathtub.

Leave them there for a few minutes unless they get completely soaked. You may perform a check on them by taking them out and observing the dry spots.

Take the boots out of the tub when they are completely soaked and remove the water that is accumulated inside the boots.

Now, take two pairs of socks and wear them. It’s better to wear three pairs too’ because leather shrinks as it dries.

If you wear a single pair of socks, this might shrink the inside of your boots and make them uncomfortable for daily wear.

After you have worn two or more pairs of socks, it’s time to wear your boots now. Wear them for at least a day so that they get the mold to your feet.

After that, it’s an ultimate necessity to dry out your boots as well. Please take out the insoles and place them out in the sunlight.

If you live in an area where there is little or no excess to sunlight, a drying fan will work fine too. Also,’ let your leather boots get dried as well.


The best thing about adopting this wet breaking-in technique is that’ it takes lesser time and also softens up the material of your boots. I am after following this practice, and you won’t feel uncomfortable while walking or running in your tactical boots.

Method Two: Using Water Indirectly

This is yet another technique to break in your tactical boots. However, it is not as quick as the first one but still yields guaranteed results. Let me tell you what you are going to need for breaking in your tactical boots using water indirectly.

Get yourself some polyethylene bags and a bottle full of water that is at room temperature.

You are also going to need a thread to tie the bags

A refrigerator capable of reaching the freezing point of water.

Now let’s get to the procedure of breaking in your tactical boots using ice bags.

FIRST THINGS FIRST’ make sure that the bags you are going to use, do not burst when kept in the freezer for long. Also,’ they are in good order and do not let water drain out of them.

Fill up two bags with water to a level that they can be easily and safely placed inside the boots after tying up with a thread.

Now, after placing those bags inside the boots, its time to place them inside the freezer. Leave it overnight, and in the morning, the water would be frozen. The creation of ice will increase the volume of bags, which will lead to an expansion of boots.

Now your new tactical boots have got more room inside them to hold your feet comfortably. Repeat this procedure at least three nights in a row, and you will get amazing results.

After you are done with it’ wear your new tactical boots using thicker socks so that the leather does not shrink when you go out in the sun for your training activities. Wear thick socks for a week or so,’ and then you can shift back to wearing regular socks that you want to use.

This process though, takes some time but results in good conclusions.

PRO TIP: You can also use a leather conditioner, later on, to make your boots appear like new after they have been exposed to water for a long time, directly or indirectly. Leather conditioners that are used for gloves and jackets are relatively cheap, and you can get them from a local sports outlet. A car leather spray would work well too!


Have you now learnt how to break in your tactical boots? No need to bear the pain and blistering anymore that new boots cause! Your feet can now feel ultimate comfort and safety while you go out for work or on a trip wearing them. I hope you have got enough information from this article. For anything else’ drop down your views in the comments below and I would love to answer all your queries.

Are Tactical Boots Good for Running? LET’S FIND OUT!

Tactical boots come up as an ultimate necessity when it’s about the soldier’s military training. Well, that is very obvious that best tactical boots and combat boots serve for a variety of purposes, but does that include running too?

Are tactical boots good for running? The answer to this technical question is based upon a number of logic and facts. Talking logically, tactical boots and running do not seem to make up a good pair with one another, but what are the hurdles coming in between?

Why can’t tactical boots be used for running?

Or what precautions to be taken before you use your combat boots for running activities as well? Head onwards, and get all these queries answered!

Tactical Boots and Running Activities; A Good Pair?

Instead of dropping a straight forward answer, I would like you to explore the facts and then analyze those yourself. According to my research, I could not simply find a positive or negative answer to this multidimensional query!

Are Tactical Boots Good for Running?

Considering the Optimistic Approach First: YES! Tactical Boots Are Good For Running!

The modern era demands things and accessories to get updated too. Just like that, there are available some new trendy combat boots in the market, which are not only best for training purposes but can serve well during running too.

However, the insole of such tactical boots might have been developed by putting in a considerable amount of cushioning not to let the foot get hurt during running.

It indeed leads us to the conclusion that’ you would find a high price tag being attached to such tactical boots in the market. But this is pretty obvious! Boots serving you with an additional function need to have some extra bucks being charged upon them too.

These boots come up with the following key features:

  • An elongated tongue part on the front of the boot to give more support while running on the terrain.
  • A perfectly fitting ankle cup to not let the boot get loosen while you are running with your boots on.
  • A lesser bumpy outsole to not make your boot being stuck into the muddy and dusty ground while you run upon such routes.
  • Tactical boots that are flexible enough to let your feet breathe inside it.
  • Better traction and support for providing with the perfect grip while you run wearing these combat boots.

Keep in mind that while purchasing such running tactical boots, be sure to purchase the exact shoe size so that the shoe does not annoy you while you are wearing them and running during your training.

Looking at the situation from another perspective, being an army trainer, you would have to wear your tactical boots on a daily basis.

Wearing a certain pair of shoes daily makes your feet comfortable to them, and then no matter what, you do not feel any discomfort or pain while walking or even running while wearing them.

So for all the soldiers out there, who have got good patience and the synergy to bear a little pain,’ all kinds of tactical boots would work well while you use these for running too!

Considering The Pessimistic Approach: No’ Tactical Boots Aren’t Good For Running!

Let me first drop a fact over here’ as British Army leaders usually announce before the running activities during military training. That is, ‘’Normal tactical boots do increase the risk of injury while you run in them’’.

During the start of your time at the academy, while you try to run with your tactical boots on, they might injure your feet a lot. And too much of running can even produce many bad consequences.

We all know that running is a task where you need footwear, providing you a great amount of traction, support, and flexibility. Though the majority of the tactical boots stand best when it’s about traction and support, not all tactical boots are made flexible enough.

For this purpose,’ we cannot entitle tactical boots as ‘running boots’ too; until they pass certain standards that have been set by the manufacturers.

After all the above discussion, you have decided to buy a pair of tactical boot then we suggest you go through our buyer’s guide on how to choose the right tactical boots for yourself.


For all the soldiers and military men who have not got their tactical boots yet, I would suggest you do proper research and find your perfect fit. In case you bought the wrong pair, you do not get the chance to switch your boots because it is a kind of long term investment, so spend a reasonable amount of time and effort while looking for the best tactical boots for running for yourself. I hope this article would help you in doing that too. I hope I have answered the, are tactical boots good for running? in the best possible way. For any queries, use the comment box below; I would love to help you choose the best tactical boots for running.

How to Shine Tactical Boots | Get Mirror Shine [Best Guide]

It is often said that shoes give you half of the confidence that your entire outfit is likely to give you. And particularly if people around you make shoe contact, before an eye contact; you really need to put your best shoes forward at all times’ right?

Talking particularly about tactical boots; which play an important role in defining the moral aspect of a soldier’s personality’ considerable care has to be taken in cleaning them and making them SHINE OUT!

In today’s article, apart from the casual cleaning of boots I am also going to talk about the tips and tricks you can adopt in order to make your tactical boots shine.

NOTE: Follow along with me, till the end of the article and I guarantee you; your shoes are going to reflect the entire scenario around them. So, here we go!

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How to Shine Tactical Boots

Here is the step by step guide on how to shine tactical boots by yourself.


Well, you are obviously going to need a few things before you start cleaning your tactical boots. Don’t worry they all might just be available with you at your workplace too.

  • A good quality shoe polish (Get one HERE)
  • A medium sized ruggy piece of cloth (Preferably cotton)
  • A bottle full of water or some saturated vinegar solution
  • A polishing brush
  • A Horsehair brush
  • A pair of gloves

After grabbing all these equipment; you are all ready now to set on the mission to spit shine your tactical boots.

THE FIRST STEP: Remove All Dirt and Dust from the Shoe

You cannot get a good shine on your tactical boots, without removing all the initially stuck dust particles from the boots. Wear the gloves and remove the visibly big particles from the boots using your fingers.

Then using a piece of cloth, swipe away all other dust particles. Dampen a horsehair brush, be careful to not make it too much damp because that would make the dust even more stubborn to be removed.

Use back and forth motion and gently brush away all other particles that are stuck on the boots. If you feel like the brush is getting dry, dampen it a little again and repeat the process until you get your desirable results and the boot’s front gets cleaned.

THE SECOND STEP: Forming a Thick Basecoat Using Shoe Polish

If you have got leather material tactical boots, irregularities automatically appear on them after a particular period of use. Before cleaning them, it is necessary to eliminate all these bumps and make the base of the shoe front flat and clear.

To do such, you would need to apply the shoe polish on the boot. Make sure you apply a thick layer.

You can either use a piece of cloth or a flat brush to do so. After that, let the polish sit for 10-15 minutes. More the time, more properly it would get settled on the boot’s front.

THE THIRD STEP: Scrubbing the Boot

Now, take a clean piece of cloth and thoroughly scrub it over the boot. Remove all the excess polish from the boot’s front.

Do not keep doing this procedure over and over again; because you might end up removing all the polish and destroy the basecoat that you just made.

After you have done scrubbing, let the basecoat sit for another 5 to 10 minutes.

THE FOURTH STEP: Pre-Cleaning the Boot; Before Polishing

Now that you have cleansed and scrubbed the boots, it’s time to polish them out and complete the procedure.

To make the shine long last, there is another step that you can adopt before the actual polishing.

Take a small piece of cloth this time, and wrap it around your index finger and middle finger. Take a considerable amount of polish and apply it on the boot’s front. Apply at least 4-5 coats of polish this way; but make sure to let the coat settle before you apply the next one.

TIP: The best way to do this is to place both the boots at your front at the same time. Coat one of the boot and then instead of waiting for it to dry out so that you can apply the second coat, start your work on the other boot. This way you would be able to pre-clean both of the boots without spending too much time on this step. THANK ME LATER!

THE FIFTH STEP: Polishing Your Boot

Now it’s the time to spit shine your shoes! Do you know from where did this name, ‘Spit shine’ came from?

In the older days when soldiers and military men had to clean their boots as a part of the decorum of the training they use to spit on the shoes and then clean them with a wipe. This way; their boots used to shine in a matter of few minutes with very little effort!

However, in this step you do not need to use your saliva unless you do not have water available nearby. Using water would be best in all cases; therefore make sure to keep a bottle of water safe with you before planning on cleaning your tactical boots.

Dampen the cloth and then dip it into the polish box and start coating the boots again. Do this for both of the boots and you would start seeing a very sleek shine emerging on the front. After you have obtained a good shine on both the boots, remove your gloves; clean the surroundings and wash off your hands!

I hope you are going to love this guide on how to shine tactical boots yourself at home. If you have any question, you can drop it in the comments section.


Cleaning your tactical boots is not much of a big deal. But making them shine is kind of a difficult task. Tactical boots are not like normal boots and they do require a little effort to bring out the shine in them. Also, the shine rarely lasts longer because of the activities you do while you have your boots one. So frequently repeating the process would make you a pro in cleaning your boots and then you would be able to do the task in minutes!

How to Choose the Right Tactical Boots | Buyer’s Guide for Beginners

Are you dropped into utter confusion while choosing the right tactical boots for a hiking adventure or an outdoor mission that you want to accomplish?

No worries, I’m here to end your trouble.

Today in this blog post, I’m going to list all the factors that can help you choose the right tactical boots for yourself. But wait, firstly, I will tell you why people prefer tactical boots over any other kind of shoes for the harsh outdoor journeys.

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Why Go for Tactical Boots?

Tactical boots can be your best buddy during travels and on work site too. It provides you the much-required ankle support, toes flexibility, and feet protection all at the same time.

To give your feet the best kind of treatment, choose the most appropriate and comfortable boots for yourself, and treat them the way they deserve!

Though sometimes, the design of these boots is a major constraint for people who want to buy a pair. Let me tell you over here that many innovations and excellent work has been done regarding the design and color combos of these boots.

Before sharing the guide on how to choose the right tactical boots, here is a very nice picture that explains the anatomy of tactical boots:

What are Tactical Boots Made Of

How to Choose the Right Tactical Boots

Choosing the best and most suited pair of boots can be a bit troubling because you might like one feature in a pair and another one in the other!

I’ll drop some tips below that you should go through before going to buy tactical boots for yourself. Let’s dive in!

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1. Look For Traction

Traction, a property that totally depends upon the terrain you are going to walk upon.

In case your travel route or working site has steep slopes and course routes, you are going to get EXTREMELY tired even when you walk for a few meters.

To save your energy for the later enjoyment part or what your duty demands, choose the boots that have enough gripping power.

However, this is not going to be the case always. Sometimes your route may be smooth or have some water streams in between. For that purpose, you don’t need to get highly traction equipped boots.

The reason for this is that boots that have extensive traction capability are a tad heavier than the moderate ones. And while passing through small water streams, the weight might drastically increase, which can cause you a huge trouble in your journey!

Make a decision wisely!

2. Boots Need To Be Breathable

If you are someone, suffering from foot infections and your feet are likely to get swollen at times, you definitely need to have breathable boots.

If your boots do not have venting pads inside, it may cause moisture buildup, which would lead to foot fungus in the future. And you don’t want that, right??

Also, non-breathable boots are likely to produce bad odor, which can spoil the whole of your camping adventure or your work team.


3. Waterproof

You never know, when the weather changes and you have to experience heavy showers of rain while out for work or hiking.

To be on the safe side, its better to get waterproof shoes for yourself so that you don’t have to worry later on. Also waterproof boots would help you cross water hurdles with ease and also keep your socks, and ultimately your feet dry and warm.


4. Zippers or Laces

I don’t know if you are someone who is fond of laces or someone who likes the zipper boots.

I’m personally of the view that zipper boots can be much time saving and easy while going for hike journeys or on work early in the morning. Laces are not my thing.

But if you like them, go for them!

It is said, laces give better support, whereas zippers don’t tighten up much. However, this depends upon the boot type, quality, and flexibility, though it is an important parameter to judge between the two!

5. Shock Absorption

It’s often ideal to choose boots with the capability of shock absorption. Not only this feature keeps your feet protected and secured, but it saves you from the long travel stress.

You would feel less frustrated if you have got the shock absorption boots on as compared to the normal ones.

I’ll want my boots to be shock absorbing because I get tired too early!

6. Make Sure They Fit You Well

Size is an important feature that should have been discussed at the first but anyway.

Choosing the right tactical boots demands you to know your shoe size well so that while shopping, you don’t get confused with the wrong one.

Loose shoes are going to do no favor to you but instead would make your journey or your time-on-site more exhausting. Also, shoes that are too fit are going to make it very uncomfortable for you.

I’ll suggest you get boots that are flexible enough to compensate for any swelling in the future. Also, remember to keep in mind the socks you are going to wear. If they are too thick, get a size bigger to be saved from the trouble later.

Don’t forget to tick mark this important tip while choosing for yourself the right tactical boots!

What Tactical Boots Can Do For You?

Here is a quick summary of what tactical boots do for you:

  • You are injury-prone or have some already existing ankle problems; tactical boots are going to serve you great!
  • You are about to travel over rough, rugged terrain and still want a smooth walk through; these boots are going to provide you ultimate comfort.
  • You are bad at climbing steep slopes and need support while doing that, definitely go for the tactical boots.
  • You are going to some wild place where you might get exposed to snakes and insects, hence need protection; tactical boots are the best option.
  • You are at a construction site, or on a military mission where your feet need complete safety from being exposed to any harm; the boots are going to do this work for you.

These are the basic reasons why Tactical boots come out to be your best bet!

Final Words

Purchasing the best tactical boots is important, but getting the right ones is far more significant! Make sure to consider all the tips I mentioned above to get for yourself the perfect tactical boots for hiking or work purposes and to write another fantastic daily diary page! I hope you will like this how to choose the right tactical boots guide, don’t forget to share it with your friends, fellows, and colleagues.

Tactical Boots VS Work Boots – All You Need To Know

We all know there are plenty of boot types being introduced by the shoe markets. Though many of them would look alike, but there is a lot of difference when we talk about functions of each pair. I’m here to mark out all the different things that exist among the two basic boot types:

Tactical Boots and Work Boots.

These two are always misinterpreted to be the same; however, they are not AT ALL!

Some minor similarities might exist, but the crafting is different on the whole another level. Without any further ado; let’s quickly get to our topic of discussion; Tactical Boots VS Work Boots.

Don’t Know What Tactical Boots Are?

Don’t Know What Tactical Boots Are? Tactical Boots VS Work Boots

Specifically designed to handle the toughest of the tough situations; whether in the field on a military mission or out there camping on rugged terrain.

Basically, these boots are known for the long term use; it suits the harsh environments and provides you with the comfort and protection you would need. Tactical boots are usually heavier than the normal ones, but NOT AS HEAVY as not being carriable.

I hope this little introduction is enough to understand what are tactical boots and what are their functions. Let’s check out the other part; the work boots.

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Don’t Know What Work Boots Are?

Don’t Know What Work Boots Are? - Tactical Boots VS Work Boots

The initial goal of work boots is to ensure workers ‘SAFETY’ that’ why companies pay special attention while crafting and designing these super protective shoes.

Though comfort is also an important feature; but protection comes first. So if you are a worker on a construction site or a resident engineer or represent any law enforcement agency; work boots are your best bet.

Also; they are available at a little lesser budget than all the high-end ones, and that’s what makes these boots super common and available to everyone!

Till now, you might have had a bit idea about the tactical boots and the work boots. I will now proceed to the difference between tactical boots and work boots. Follow below!

Tactical Boots VS Work Boots

The Material Factor

For the best quality, most of the tactical boots are usually made up of 100% leather or nubuck leather, whereas work boots have some metal embedded on the toe part too. The metal is commonly steel but might be some other one also depending upon the work boot type.

The leather sole is inserted inside the tactical boots is usually the same as the work boots; except that in the tactical boots, the leather cover might be thick.

The front and the back of tactical boots are covered up using caps for comfort. On the other hand, work boots have steel toe capped at the front while may or may not a soft leather cap at the back.

The Weight Factor

Work boots are generally heavier than the tactical boots. They might even weigh the same because of the presence of faux material in the boots. But due to the metal insertion in the work boots, the weight is more.

So from the portability point of view, consider getting the tactical boots if you have to carry them along with you.

The Function Factor

The primary function of work boots is to provide maximum ‘SAFETY’, and on the other hand tactical boots are multi-purposed. Tactical boots offer you comfort, safety, better design, portability capability as well on a better level as compared to the work boots. You can choose to go for work boots if you need super protection or are at the risk of being exposed to nasty creatures on the field.

The Heat Conduction Factor

Though steel is a poor conductor of heat, if any other alloy or metal is embedded in the front part of the work boots, you might not feel comfortable in these during the harsh weather.

Tactical boots generally have venting pads to let enough air circulate inside the boot hence preventing your feet from getting fungus. Also, the caps keep your feet warm and cozy during the winter seasons.

Workboots might be a bit troubling when you are out on a mission in intense heat. Be sure what temperature conditions you are going to experience before going out in these!

The Traction Factor

Tactical boots have reinforcement shanks installed at the base of the shoe to provide you more support and grip during steep slope climbing. However, work boots are not the perfect choice to go for in case you have to trek mountains.

This is because they might feel very heavy hence causing stress to your feet and draining your energy faster. Another reason is the “NOT-MUCH-TIGHT” grip that tactical boots provide you much better. Also, the metallic bottom might cause a slip if the surface is eroded.

The Waterproof Factor

Both of the shoes possess this factor; work boots as well as the tactical boots. Here is where they match! And if damp routes are your primary concern, choose to go with any of these that you think would fulfill your needs.

Also, boots generally when exposed to water get a bit heavy later on until they dry back. So keep this thing in mind before going to shop for the best work or the best tactical boots for a camping adventure or outdoor work.

The Electrical Surge Factor

You never know when you would be around some open electrical circuits. To be on the safe side; rubber shoes can serve you great. Work boots, as well as the tactical boots both, come in rubber material. But, tactical boots are considered to have higher insulation as compared to work boots in situations when you need to get grounded.

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Final Words

I sincerely hope that by now, you would be clear enough of the major differences between tactical boots and work boots. We can’t classify anyone of them as the better one, but I would personally go for the tactical boots if SAFETY is not my primary concern. In case this article appealed to you, don’t forget to share it out with those who need to know about Tactical Boots VS Work Boots. That’s all from today; Signing out! Happy choosing!

How to Clean Tactical Boots? Best Guide to Remove Dirt/Stains

Tactical boots are the specially designed shoes to perform rough and tough field jobs, but it doesn’t mean they don’t require maintenance. Like all other casual and duty shoes, tactical boots also require proper maintenance. It not only makes them look cleaner but also increases their life as well. Every person who owns pair of tactical shoes is keen to learn how to clean tactical boots? And this is what we are going to answer here to help you to make your shoes look like a new one.

How to Clean Tactical Boots?

Method of cleaning tactical boots is a bit different from cleaning an ordinary pair of shoes. Here we are going to share a complete step by step guide for you to make your shoes neat and clean.

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How to Clean Suede Tactical Boots

Things You Will Need to Clean Suede Leather Tactical Shoes

Things You Will Need to Clean Suede Leather Tactical Shoes

Before sharing a guide, we want to share the list items you will need to spit shine your tactical shoes:

  • clean white cloth
  • Soft-bristled brush
  • Eraser
  • White vinegar or dish detergent
  • Lukewarm water
  • Silicone spray

Here is an extremely easy to follow step by step guide that will help you to get rid of dirt and mud from your tactical boots:

Step 1: Clean away all the dirt and debris from the boots using a towel.

Step 2: Gently rub the eraser on the surface of the shoes.

Step 3: Take a white cloth, make it lightly dampen by dipping it in a warm water.

Step 4: Rub the damp cloth all over the surface of the boot to remove dirt and debris.

Step 5: Take the soft-bristled brush and scrub it on the boots in one direction.

Step 6: Take a fresh white cloth, dip it in white vinegar or in a mixture detergent and warm water.

Step 7: Gently rub the damp cloth to remove stains from the boots.

Step 8: Lastly, apply the silicone spray to the suede and buff it with a dry cloth.

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How to Clean Leather Tactical Boots

How to Clean Leather Tactical Boots

Things You Will Need to Clean Leather Tactical Shoes

  • Damp cloth
  • Dry, cotton cloth
  • Soft-bristled brush
  • Wax shoe polish
  • Cotton buds/swabs and cotton balls

Step 1: Brush away all the dirt and mud from your boots using the soft-bristled brush.

Step 2: Dip the cloth in lukewarm water and wipe it on the boots, to clean the dirt from that is left after brushing. Do it in back and forth motion.

Step 3: Take a dry cotton cloth and use it to apply the wax shoe polish on the boots. Leave it for 10 minutes to let the polish get dry.

Step 4: Now, rub the soft-bristled brush on the surface of the boots to remove excess polish and then leave it for an additional 5 minutes.

Step 5: Again take a damp cloth and gently apply a small amount of polish on boots. Do it in circular motion. Keep doing it until the boots get fully covered with a thin layer polish.

Step 6: It will take 3-5 coats of fresh polish to get a good shine and cleaner look on the boots.

How to Remove Oil Stain from Leather Boots

If your work in an environment, where you have to walk through oil and your boots get oil-stained, then there is a simple trick using which you can easily remove oil stains from suede tactical boots.

Step 1: Make a mixture of corn starch and warm water.

Step 2: Apply the mixture with a cloth on the oil stain and leave it for 8-10 minutes.

Step 3: Take a soft-bristled brush and scrub away the applied mixture from the boots.

After doing these simple steps, all the oil stains will vanish from your boots.

Hope you will like this guide on how to clean tactical boots. If you know any other method of cleaning tactical boot, please share it with us in the comments section.

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Are Tactical Boots Good for Hiking? [BEST GUIDE]

Hiking is one hell of an adventure. Most of us love to explore hills and trekking paths through hiking. But like any other sports or adventure, we need the right gears to enjoy it. Here we are talking about the right boots for hiking.

Are Tactical Boots Good for Hiking?

Do you struggle to find the right shoes for hiking? If your answer is yes, then keep reading as we are going to solve this problem. In this post, we are going to analyze, are tactical boots good for hiking or not. Now without wasting a moment, let’s explore it further.

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Tactical Boots vs. Conventional Hiking Boots

When it comes to hiking or trekking, some people find it tough to choose between tactical boots and traditional hiking shoes. The three best methods for solving this issue are research, research, and research. You can make a better decision after knowing about the features, pros, and cons of each boot type. You can go for the right option based on your preferences and conditions.

Let me explain traditional hiking boots for you.

Traditional Hiking Boots

Hiking boots hit our mind as first thought when we consider the best footwear for hiking. Traditional hiking boots are designed in a fashion that they promise grip, stability, and balance to our feet on rough and uneven terrains. Rugged-look of these boots makes them a perfect choice for hiking.

Their thick sole provides sturdiness which reduces the fair chances of ankle injuries. They offer traction which provides a firm and secure grip on unbalancing surfaces and trails. The material used for manufacturing soles and the other parts of shoes ensure weather protection. While you are hiking or backpacking, your traditional hiking boots are designed to protect your feet from intense weather.

You should read Tactical Boots VS Work Boots to learn how they are different.

Tactical Boots/Military Combat Boots

Are Tactical Boots for Hiking?

Are you getting confused about what I am talking? Don’t get confused. Let me unfold the mystery and clear your confusion.

Get your facts right that military boots are not only for an on job officer or ex-colonel, but they are for everyone. Everyone can wear them, even you too. You don’t need necessarily to be a part of the army or any law enforcement agency to enjoy benefits of tactical boots. Whether you are planning for backpacking or hiking on rough terrain, tactical boots are beneficial.

Best tactical boots for hiking are flexible, versatile, durable, sturdy, and they provide support for any adventurous soul that can benefit from.

As the market is saturated with different types of tactical and military boots, but your decision must be based on the environment and situation in which you will be using them. Finding the best tactical boots for men/women is easy if you understand your environment well.

For Example:

If you are looking tactical boots for a construction job, boots with a hard exterior is a way to go.

If you are looking tactical boots for hiking, you will need boots offering more support and flexibility. Naturally, most tactical boots are not suitable for trail running or hiking.

Many people use an additional insole with their military boots for enhanced support.

Is it going to work for you?

Well, it depends on the location of your hike and how intense your hike is and many other factors. Considering the above information, tactical boots can be an excellent alternative to your traditional hiking boots.

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What Different Types of Tactical Boots Are Available?

How can you judge tactical boots to find a best pair for you? It’s a very important question to understand. Let’s find the answer. Always check for the components, type and fit of the shoe when you are buying tactical footwear. Let’s dig into some details.

Hiking Tactical Boots

Within the hiking boots category, there are various kinds you can choose from:

Backpacking Boots: These boots are designed for hikes where you are going to carry heavier loads. They are perfect for on and off multiple day trips.

Day Hiking Boots: These boots are designed for short trips and fall into mid-to-high-cut models category. They are not as sturdy as much as backpacking boots.

Traditional Low-Cut Models: These boots come with flexible midsoles. If you are aiming for a long-distance but a light backpacking journey, these shoes are a way to go.

What Important Components Should I Consider in Tactical Boots?

You should consider these five components in every boot for comfortable hiking experience.

The Upper Material of the Boots: It impacts a lot how durable, waterproof, and breathable your shoes are. You have a lot of options in it, such as waterproof membranes, synthetics, full-grain leather, vegan leather, etc.

Midsoles: They define the stiffness of the boot. It determines the comfort and stability of boots on different rough and tough tracks. Polyurethane EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) are the most used materials. Hiking shoes come with internal support of shanks which are thick inserts of 3 to 5 mm between the outsole and midsole. Below the shank, plates are used, which are semi-flexible inserts.

Outsoles: Mostly made of rubber, outsoles are added to enhance the hardness and grip of the shoes.

Crampon Capability: It is must if you are going for winter backpacking or mountaineering.

The Fit of the Boot: Another point to keep in mind is that your hiking boots must have enough space for toes wiggling, as when your feet swell up, your boots don’t become irritating and uncomfortable.

Final Words

You will listen to many people claiming that tactical boots are best for hiking. You will also see people arguing in favor of conventional hiking shoes. Our final verdict is that both footwear comes with pros and cons. For tough and long journeys, we recommend you to grab a pair of tactical boots. For light backpacking and trekking, go for hiking shoes. But in the end, decide according to your environment and comfort. Because comfort is above all and it outclasses all other factors.

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