10 Best Waterproof Tactical Boots 2020 [Reviews + Buyer’s Guide]

If you are part of a military or any law enforcement agency, you will need a pair of boots that is suitable for all weather conditions and rough terrain. Buying a good pair of tactical boots can fulfill all your requirements related to performing rough and tough tasks. Furthermore, if you face situations where you have to deal with water and mud, then you should opt to buy best waterproof tactical boots.

Let me clear one confusion.

The usage of tactical shoes is not limited to military or any law enforcement people only, they are for everyone. In fact, we all go through a situation like hiking, etc. in which we need strong and sturdy shoes. So buying a pair of good waterproof tactical boots is not a bad choice at all.

Let me tell you that spending your bucks on quality boots do not only boost your confidence but also help you to give your best.

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Are you looking for boots that are suitable for all weather conditions, hiking, insurgents evading or chasing down the roads, relax and read as we have covered everything for you. We have created a list of best waterproof tactical boots and reviewed each item in detail for your convenience.

With that said, let’s get started…

Best Waterproof Tactical Boots for Men 2020 [REVIEWS]

Before discussing the features, pros, and cons of top 10 tactical boots in detail, let’s have a quick look at what we have got for you in the list:

15.11 Tactical Evo BootsFull grain leather & 1200D nylonSolid rubber
2HQ ISSUE Tactical BootsSuede leather & nylonSolid rubber
3Bates Men's DefenderFull-grain leather & ballistic nylonSolid rubber
4Danner Men’s TachyonFull-grain leather & 500 Denier nylonSolid rubber
55.11 Tactical Men's ATACFull grain leather & nylonSolid rubber
6Smith & Wesson Breach 2.0Leather and nylonSolid rubber
7Bates Men's GX-8Leather & 1680D ballistic nylonSolid rubber
8Battle OPS Bops6001 BootsLeather & PUSolid rubber
9Merrell Moab 2 BootsLeather and ripstop fabricSolid rubber
10Bates Men's Velocitorfull grain leather and mesh upperSynthetic sole

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1. 5.11 Tactical Evo 8″ – Best Waterproof Boots for Hiking

5.11 Tactical Evo 8" - Best Waterproof Boots for HikingThe 5.11 Tactical Evo 8” is a solid pick for waterproof tactical boots as it’s crafted with 100% pure leather plus textile and features synthetic sole ( A material type that resembles in looks and properties with leather but made of PVC and EVA).

The nonmetallic construction makes the shoes weightless, which helps you speed up and get traction regardless of the environment. Plus, the 5.11″ outsole gives you complete control over oily and slippery places making the shoe oil and slip-resistant. With this feature, you can easily balance yourself without falling or slipping which can be a huge achievement while dealing with serious threats.

Furthermore, the 5.11 Tactical Evo 8″ Waterproof Boot comes with heel cushion to make your heels comfortable especially when you are wearing the shoes for a long time. But that’s not all, the insole offers lightweight comfort that plays an important role when you are wearing shoes for the whole day long.

Finally, the full-length EVA midsole along with nylon shank and 14mm heel all of these features and options are the reason for stability and agility.

As we are discussing waterproof boots, it’s important to know why 5.11 Tactical Evo 8″ is best-rated when it comes to waterproof and comfortable tactical boots. The upper part of the shoe is crafted with breathable, bloodborne pathogen resistant membrane that is waterproof and ensures water never penetrates inside to keep your feet dry. These shoes are not only waterproof but also the best tactical boots for hiking.

The best part!

It comes with a side zip that makes sure your feet are completely and comfortably tighten enough that you can run and walk effortlessly.

Overall, the 5.11 Tactical Evo 8″ Waterproof Boot is an excellent choice for waterproof tactical boots, thanks to the high-performance pure leather and 1200D nylon that makes the shoe waterproof. Plus, the 5.11″ oil and slip-resistant outsole give you complete control, speed, and stamina in oily places making the shoes suitable for waxed surfaces. That said, the 5.11 Tactical Evo 8″ Waterproof Boot is a great bang for the buck compared with other waterproof tactical boots.

  • Oil and slip-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable insole
  • Many complaints about the low quality of the zipper

2. HQ ISSUE 8″ Side Zip – Best Tactical Waterproof Boots for Men

HQ ISSUE 8" Side Zip - Best Tactical Waterproof Boots for MenThe HQ ISSUE Men’s Waterproof 8″ is a great looking comfortable tactical boot that is not only great in looks but in construction as well. It offers the most comfortable insoles to ensure maximum comfort to your feet.

Furthermore, these boots are ideal to use on heavy clay soil, rocky soil. Plus, the strong outsole allows you to do heavy-duty work like construction, chainsaw operation, and other tasks where you are dealing with heavy stuff.

The HQ issue is a military-grade combat shoe that’s lightweight, rugged and on top of that comfortable than your slippers. And the price tag with such awesome features and options makes it a product that’s worthy spending money.

Moving on, the HQ issue features suede and nylon uppers to deliver top-notch performance. Plus, the overall construction with cupped rubber outsole not only makes it durable but slip and oil-resistant to achieve stability and agility in waxed places.

The best part? Don’t worry about the moisture that’s normally produced by wearing shoes for long duration because the mesh lining takes care of this problem and keeps your feet dry and comfortable. Furthermore, the gusseted tongue ensures water, dirt, or pebbles never find a way to get inside the shoes. And there’s a steel shank that not only provides support but protects your work boots by keeping them in shape.

Overall, the HQ ISSUE Men’s Waterproof 8″ Side Zip Desert Boots are perfect to use in water and rocky terrains. Plus, the inclusion of zipping alongside the laces makes it easier and quicker to wear the shoes. With top-notch features, this is the best boots for working outside.

  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Slightly expensive

3. Bates Men’s Defender Waterproof Boot – Best Military Tactical Boots

Bates Men's Defender Waterproof Boot - Best Military Tactical BootsHere we have Bates Men’s Defender 8 Inch Lace To Toe Waterproof Boot, another waterproof tactical boot that is crafted with pure leather and fabric. Similar to other high-quality tactical shoes, it comes with a rubber sole to ensure firm grip and weightlessness while running or walking.

The best part about Bates Men’s Defender is the Gore-Tex waterproof and breathable lining that enables you to keep wearing boots for several hours without getting uncomfortable. Either you walk in mud or in rocky soil, this shoe ensures a firm grip and breathable material used in the construction of this boot is responsible for in and out of air.

Moving on, the oil and the slip-resistant outsole is helpful to cross surfaces where oil or other stuff is spilled. It is the most common tactic of thieves and criminals to use oil and other slippery materials to get away from the chase. But having Bates Men’s Defender slip-resistant and oil-resistant shoes you can get an extra edge.

Furthermore, Durashock shock-absorbing comfort technology is helpful when you have to jump from higher surfaces. With this feature, you can easily jump without worrying about the shock produced by the jump because this technology absorbs most of the shock leaving you unharmed that can help you with combat or chase. It is highly recommended best tactical boots for law enforcement people.

The Bates Men’s Defender is another wonderful leather and fabric waterproof tactical boot that comes with breathable lining to ensure the airflow for utmost comfort. Moreover, the Durashock shock-absorbing technology makes the shoes comfortable in serious scenarios like chasing a thief or getting hit with a wall. Lastly, the oil and slip-resistant outsole give you an extra edge to help you maintain your balance while running over such surface making Bates Men’s Defender a worthwhile investment for your money.

  • Oil and slip-resistant
  • Durashock shock absorbing feature
  • 100% leather construction
  • No cons

4. Danner Tachyon GTX Waterproof Duty Boot – Best Tactical Work Boots

Danner Tachyon GTX Waterproof Duty Boot - Best Tactical Work BootsOur list of best waterproof tactical boots would be incomplete without discussing Danner shoes and the best waterproof tactical shoes by Danner is Danner Men’s Tachyon 8” GTX Duty Boot that is 100% leather made, imported shoe and comes with a rubber sole to ensure firm grip either running or walking.

The Danner Men’s Tachyon 8” GTX Duty Boot comes with a 9″ shaft which covers the majority of your shins and ankle providing a firm grip that results in balanced walk and running.

The 500 Denier nylon makes the shoe waterproof that means you can go through water without getting wet. Plus, the rubber outsole is oil and slip-resistant and features pentagonal lugs that help you make superior contact with a surface.

The best part about Danner Men’s Tachyon 8” GTX Duty Boot is the polyurethane footbed that absorbs a higher amount of shocks like jumps and keeps your feet comfortable by eliminating pain. Similarly, the additional layer of open-cell construction ensures airflow to keep the internal environment feasible for the shoe.

Now, the most interesting feature of this shoe is the speed lace fastening system that allows you to quickly lace up the shoes without spending too much time on laces.

Overall, the Danner Men’s Tachyon 8” GTX Duty Boot is a great pair of shoes that is 100% waterproof and breathable. Plus its oil and slip-resistant rubber outsole ensures superior contact with the surface and making Danner Men’s Tachyon 8” GTX Duty Boot a great pick regarding features and price. It is simply the best combat boots for everyday wear.

  • Speed lace fastening system
  • Lightweight
  • The rubber sole is oil and slip-resistant
  • Many complaints about durability

5. 5.11 Tactical Men’s ATAC 1.0 Waterproof Military Boots

5.11 Tactical Men's ATAC 1.0 Waterproof Military BootsIf you are looking for waterproof tactical shoes that offer unique features, then 5.11 Tactical ATAC 1.0 men’s waterproof military boots are the solid pick for you.

Durability speaks with 100% leather construction and the synthetic sole gives a similar look and feel of leather being built of PVC materials.

A unique feature of ATA Military Storm Boots is the hidden side pocket that can be used to store a pocket knife.

If you are involved in heavy-duty work then there are chances you are wearing shoes for long duration that can lead to bacteria attach but ATA Military Storm Boots takes care of this problem, thanks to the Anti-bacterial Drilex lining.

Regarding durability, all elements are triple stitched to ensure the shoes never comes apart in case of jumping, running or other heavy-duty tasks.

Overall, the ATA military storm is a highly comfortable shoe that offers protection and tactical utility in a clean profile. According to the features and performance, the ATA military storm is an ideal choice for law enforcement, military, and firefighters. The price tag is slightly higher but for the features and performance, it’s a worthwhile investment.

  • A side pocket
  • Triple stitched
  • Comfortable sole
  • Bulkier

6. Smith & Wesson Men’s Breach 2.0 – Waterproof Tactical Boots with Zipper

Smith & Wesson Men's Breach 2.0 - Waterproof Tactical Boots with ZipperAnother great waterproof tactical boot we have in this list is by Smith and Wesson Men’s Breach 2.0 Tactical Waterproof Side Zip Boots. Smith & Wesson is a well-known name for making high-quality tactical shoes and this is one of their top products.

The shoes are not only outstanding in looks but in construction as well. The attention to fine detail and perfect construction makes Breach 2.0 a great pair of shoes regarding durability and comfortability.

The Breach 2.0 waterproof tactical boot is crafted using leather and nylon to ensure reliability, protection and superior comfort. The best part is the gusseted tongue that plays an important role to keep the dirt and dust out of the shoe.

Moving on, the EVA midsole delivers utmost comfort to your feet and cradled support, and the steel shank ensures stability and agility while running, jumping or walking. Additionally, the broad-lasted construction helps long shift workers to avoid foot fatigue. The innovative pattern of midsole not only gives the traction loss but helps you make a firm grip on waxed surfaces and ladders.

But that’s not all, The Breach 2.0 has HydroGuard that makes the shoes waterproof and eliminates the minor chances of water penetration, this allows you to wear shoes in different weather situations.

With all these features and options the Breach 2.0 is an affordable pair of shoe that offers a handful of features, great performance, and utmost comfort without breaking the bank.

Overall, the Breach 2.0 is a durable pair of shoes the offers superior performance regardless of the terrain. Plus, the affordable price tag with such nice features and great performance makes it a great pick in this list of best waterproof tactical shoes.

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable midsole
  • Shock absorbing technology
  • No cons

7. Bates Men’s GX-8 GTX Waterproof & Lightweight Tactical Boots

Bates Men's GX-8 GTX Waterproof & Lightweight Tactical BootsBates Men’s GX-8 Boot has been perfectly crafted with higher quality material. Along with the upper nylon, they have used waterproof leather in its construction that ultimately gives birth to the breathability feature, which keeps your feet dry and cool.

Moreover, the waterproof leather does not let the water to go inside, but if water somehow gets into the shoe, then the upper lining will take out the water so that you can travel comfortably.

The outsole of the shoe makes it capable to be worn in every situation because of the slip resistance characteristics. No matter, on what kind of road you are, while wearing this shoe, you will have a great level of traction on the road.

GX-8 GTX boot has a lighter weight due to the cement construction. So without tiring your feet, you can easily walk all day long at work or for exploring new places. Because of this construction and features, even after the use of many times, you will notice GX-8 boot as same as it was before. That is only because of its durability. But for making it durable and protective, they compromised on the comfort to some extent and have added the stiff support. Otherwise, the boot provides the real value for money and you should give it a try.

Bates Men’s GX-8 is a versatile shoe with a great level of durability. From the design to the material, everything reflects the use of brilliant craftsmanship and technology simultaneously. If you want the shoe that can be worn in every situation, then this Bates Men’s GX-8 boot is the perfect option for you.

  • Attractive Design
  • Waterproof
  • Breathability feature that keeps your feet dry & cool
  • Lightweight
  • Provides better traction on every road
  • Durable
  • Stiff support

8. Battle OPS Men’s Boot – Men’s Waterproof Work Boots

Battle OPS Men's Boot - Men's Waterproof Work BootsThis Military designed boot includes everything that an outside worker demands. If you love to explore new places or have the outside work, then this Battle OPS Men’s Boot has been crafted for you.

Overall, the body has been crafted with the leather material that ensures the durability of the shoe. You will be wearing it for many times, without noticing even a single damage. Furthermore, they will be used in almost every sort of situation because of its breathability feature and is one of the best lightweight tactical boots.

Apart from this, to enhance your comfort level, they have also used the EVA technology Midsole that provides a great level of comfort and support to your feet. No matter, how long you have to stand or travel in this shoe, your feet will never get tired.

The versatile use of this shoe is possible only because of the Rubber sole because it aims to provide you best grip on the road, even on the slippery wet surfaces, you will experience the better traction.

The material is of higher quality and the features are incredible, but the overall construction of the shoe could be improved. After reading this, you don’t have to doubt the durability, because it has the ability to last long. We are just expecting more from the brand, by considering the competitors of this model. You can go with the boot undoubtedly, it will never let you down.

Battle OPS Men’s waterproof boot is the one fully packed model for every user. No matter what are your habits and attitude towards the shoe, it will gratify you. It is highly recommended for its lightweight, breathability, comfort level and for providing the best traction on every road. What else do you need?

  • Leather material
  • Breathability
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Construction could be improved

9. Merrell Moab 2 8″ – Best Tactical Boots for Wide Feet

Merrell Moab 2 8" - Best Tactical Boots for Wide FeetThe Merrell Moab 2 is another pair of best waterproof tactical boots that are crafted of pure leather plus fabric. It’s an imported shoe that comes with Vibram sole to ensure maximum comfort to your feet while running, jumping or walking.

The Merrell Moab 2 features M Select DRY waterproof membrane that helps you keep your feet dry and protected from outside elements. The upper material is constructed of leather and ripstop textile that not only makes the shoe durable but breathable.

Moving on, the inside zipper helps with proper closure for comfortable on and off. Similarly, there’s a protective rubber toe cap and the air cushion in the heel that absorbs the maximum shock resulting in protecting your toe from getting injured while jumping or running and keeps your feet comfortable.

The Merrell Moab 2 is a great shoe that offers a handful of features and regarding features, performance, and price, the Merrell Moab 2 hits a sweet spot that makes it another great pick for our list of top tactical waterproof shoes.

  • Toe protection cap
  • Inner zip for easy closure
  • Lightweight
  • Many complaints about being less waterproof

10. Bates Men’s Velocitor Waterproof & Best Tactical Boots for Running

Bates Men's Velocitor Waterproof & Best Tactical Boots for RunningThe last and final selection in our list of top tactical waterproof boots is Bates Men’s Velocitor Zip Waterproof work boot. It is a versatile pair of tactical boots that can be used for tough jobs as well as for work.

While wearing the shoe you can feel the comfortable and reliable traction even if you wear the shoes for long duration. The Bates Men’s Velocitor is crafted with 100% full-grain leather that is waterproof and the upper mesh is breathable that ensures airflow to keep the environment suitable inside the shoe.

Basically, the Bates Men’s Velocitor features an exoskeleton design that is responsible for better performance and comfort along with flexibility while running or jumping.

Here comes the best part, the Bates-Dry Waterproof Membrane blocks out all external elements making Bates Men’s Velocitor suitable for all-weather situations.

The side zip makes closure easier and the lace-up design ensures secure fit allowing you to get stability and agility in difficult outdoor situations like if you are an outdoorsmen or a serviceman protecting the country.

Furthermore, the outsole is slip-resistant and oil-resistant that makes the shoes suitable for waxed terrains. Most of the time cops or other servicemen have to face a set of difficult situations and one of these situations is oil spillage that slow down the cops but these shoes eliminate this problem for you.

Overall, the Bates Men’s Velocitor is a great pair of boots that is ideal for heavy-duty tasks and work as well. Regarding features and price, the Bates Men’s Velocitor hits a sweet spot that makes it a great pick for the money.

  • Versatile movement
  • Comfortable support
  • Oil and slip-resistant outsole
  • No cons

Waterproof Tactical Boots Buying Guide

Choosing waterproof tactical boots with limited knowledge is a challenging task. And the process of choosing these boots is totally different than choosing normal boots. There are several factors that you should look for while choosing great tactical boots. I have described various factors for you below to help you make an informed decision.

Lightweight: For smooth maneuverability, lightweight shoes are preferred.

Supportive: If are involved in intense situations where there are higher chances of getting your heels, ankles, arches or toes getting injured, then tactical boots can help you a lot.

Durable: Durability is something that makes you confident about your purchase. So while making a purchase make sure to get a durable pair of boots.

Secure: When you are going through ice, rocks, snow, or mud, your feet should be protected and secure from slips and injury-prone turns. So a great outsole can be a helpful thing to consider for firm footing.

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Who Should Get Tactical Boots?

These are the types of persons who should get waterproof tactical boots:

  • Those working in outdoors.
  • Those doing services like police, firefighter, and military.
  • Those involved in heavy-duty work.
  • Those who take frequent walks.
  • Those living in a wet environment.

Final Words

Now that you have all the information regarding the selection of best waterproof tactical boots. It’s time to make a decision according to your preferences. You can choose the right pair of best tactical shoes from this list of top products shared on this page. Plus, you can take advantage of this buying guide prepared above to help you choose the right product that suits your budget and requirements.

Now, if you think this article is helpful and worth sharing with others then don’t forget to do it. I hope now you will be able to choose a top pair of waterproof tactical boots for you.

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