10 Best Tactical Boots for Hiking 2020 [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

Tactical boots? Reminds me of the 90’s war movies where the soldiers were able to jump over steeply sloping sides and cross-stream hurdles without even slightly damaging there ankle and boots!

Amazing, right?

Well, today the tactical boots we are going to talk about are not those used during wars but the ones that are suitable for hiking and trekking.

Before getting to the reviews of best tactical boots for hiking, let me first quickly tell you about:

Why Do You Need To Have Tactical Boots?

I think you cannot just plan to go for trekking without the best pair of shoes with yourself, and for the intense mountainous tracks, you might sometimes even want to have another pair for the safety purpose.

To tackle the rugged environments and walk the stony roads, tactical boots are a MUST HAVE. Not only particularly for hiking purposes, but these boots have got enough scope to let you utilize them for all kind of purposes, hails to the level of foot protection and sole stability they provide.

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Best Tactical Boots for Hiking 2020

Below mentioned are the 10 top tactical boots for hiking, which I got my hands over after days of long research. Though there are plenty of boots available in the market, not all of them are perfect for hiking.

The boots listed below are comfy, safe, durable, and stable enough to help you carry out long hiking tracks. You can enjoy to the fullest without any worries of your feet getting hurt or your shoes getting damaged! So let’s begin!

1. Merrell Men’s Moab 2 – Best Hiking Boots for Men

Merrell Men's Moab 2 - Best Hiking Boots for MenWhile reading out customer’s reviews regarding these boots, trust me; I didn’t even find a single negative comment. Few people didn’t quite like the design and the color patterns as made out by this brand. Everyone has their own choice, and we can’t make a judgment based on someone else’s opinions.

Talking in specific about the material, these boots have got a very nice leather mesh as well as a synthetic sole that is 100% pure as claimed by the brand.

I think this claim would prove to be correct because the images provided by the brand virtually describe the amazing quality of leather material used upon these boots.

From the hiking point of view, these boots have got excellent ankle support to provide you maximum comfort during climbing up the steep tracks.

These outdoor boots for men have got nine classy designs, all of them being very bold and decent. They are a perfect choice for the men who go for the lighter tone jeans.

Apart from being waterproof, stability, shock resistance has also been provided to make your journeys more comfortable and worry-free.

  • Better ankle stability
  • Mesh cushion prevents sudden shocks to the foot
  • Durable enough to last for a year
  • Waterproof tactical boots
  • Not available in lighter colors.


BOTTOM LINE: Catch this tip, before moving onto the next review; these tactical boots for men can serve as a perfect gift too for the guys who love to walk and jog over mountains, NO? Thank me later for the idea!

2. TR Khyber TR550 – Most Comfortable Tactical Boots for Hiking

Belleville TR550 Khyber - Most Comfortable Tactical Boots for HikingWhile searching out for the best tactical boots in 2020, this is another top-rated option to consider.

Do you know, Belleville tactical boots have got much hype in the market; all because of their super trendy design that suits perfectly with the cowboy pants. Not only this, these pair of boots suit the classy hike jeans too.

To be very honest!

I think these boots are a bit overrated. The only reason why I made this statement is one of my friends didn’t get to have a great experience with these.

So if you have to go for hiking to a place that has got great swampy spots, don’t entirely relay over these boots. They are not much waterproof. They may serve you right until you get to approach deep-lying water pits.

Apart from this one single water factor, these boots are truly amazing for climbing mountains and hiking! Covered up in imported leather, with aggressive lace to toe style allowing a fit for all.

Breathable combat lunar lining serves multipurpose as a designing feature and comfort as well. The life of these boots is longer than six months, and can even last for a couple of years if taken good care.

For hiking purpose, in particular, you should go for these if your track is a very stony and rough while for the plainer routes choose some other.

  • A very good grip
  • Lightweight
  • Trendy design
  • Good fit for all
  • Not much waterproof
  • Only one design available


BOTTOM LINE: These shoes also help in braking during slides and won’t let you slip over the terrains. The grip is pretty good. Best suited tactical boots for both men and women. BE SURE TO CHECK THESE OUT!

3. Smith & Wesson Men’s Breach – Waterproof Tactical Boots for Hiking

Smith & Wesson Men's Breach - Waterproof Tactical Boots for HikingHave you heard of Smith and Wesson before?

If not, let me tell you.

This brand has got a leading name in producing high-quality leather boots and shoes. Smith and Wesson, is famous for outstanding quality and excellent designs. Comfortable and durable sole material has attracted a lot of customers and also have satisfied many.

Talking at first about the material of these boots, leather, and nylon have been perfectly embedded together to produce a perfect combination that is tough, and protective too. The pattern technology beneath the shoe sole keeps all kinds of dirt and debris out of the shoes and hence make it easy for you to walk over the dusty tracks.

Being light in weight and extremely waterproof; no need to worry if it accidentally starts raining during your trekking journey. These shoes are going to help you cross over the muddy tracks just as if you are onto a jeep, keeping your feet safe from all kinds of obstructions.

I would give these tactical boots a 10/10 because quality and comfort have been taken care about in parallel for these.

You won’t get to experience any foot fatigue or loss of grip while climbing up steep slopes, Smith and Wesson’s pair is going to do the work for you.

Also, the availability of these boots at a budget-friendly price makes them more attractive! Also, the design is pretty good. You would either get a matte black or a brownish toned color. Well, these are the only colors men go for usually!

  • Extremely stable
  • Do not cause foot fatigue
  • Budget friendly
  • Decent design
  • Waterproof and light weight
  • Not much variety in color


BOTTOM LINE: These shoes have got a lot of appreciable talks, and I guess their high quality and excellent material are the main reasons behind those. TRULY WORTH THE DOLLARS!

4. Under Armour Men’s Stellar Tac – Best Hiking Boots of All Time

Stellar Military and Tactical Boot - Best Hiking Boots of All TimeFor those looking for an affordable pair of tactical boots for hiking for themselves, this is your perfect choice!

Though being lighter on the pocket, literally no compromise has been made upon the quality and material of the shoes.

The best thing I found about these was that they are easy to clean and can be wiped off using a wet cloth only. You can easily polish the boots and get the new shiny look every time you are going to use them.

Referring to the hiking and trekking activities, though stellar military tactical boots are a good option BUT NOT THE BEST ONE.

I won’t recommend these shoes to those who are habitual of wearing the high ends ones. The reason, you won’t experience the kind of comfort you had been getting earlier using the expensive brandy boots. The material is fine, with 100% leather and that too, imported.

Protection and support have also been taken care of. The sole is made of rubber and has got stank reinforcements beneath to let you have strong grips on the mountainous terrains.

Don’t worry; these boots won’t let you get off your track in case the weather gets bad. Textile addition makes them completely waterproof and hence durable as well.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof
  • Attractive design
  • Relatively lesser comfortable


BOTTOM LINE: If you are a newbie, and don’t know much about how to judge the quality of tactical boots, I would definitely recommend you to give it a try in your first experience. DO CHECK THESE OUT!


Don’t confuse yourself much while selecting the top tactical boots for yourself. Remember that, you get what you pay for! Invest in a good pair of boots so that they can last for years and you don’t have to go shopping for these whenever you plan for hiking.

5. 511 Tactical Taclite 6″ Boot – Best 6 Inch Tactical Boots for Hiking

511 Tactical Taclite 6" Boot - Best 6 Inch Tactical Boots for HikingWait a sec, let me put forward this fact onwards to you that these are the best six-inch tactical boots for hiking.
Yes, you heard it right!

If you’re someone who is concerned a lot about the shoe height so that you can match the right color pants with them, then this is a feature of your interest! Let’s dig into the review to find out more about these pair of boots.

The most amazing thing I found about these boots was the strip design. A particular area on the shoes is designated for the laces to keep them neat and at their place.

Obviously, who can deal with the untidy and dismantled laces, and that too during hiking? Not acceptable at all!
These shoes are oil-resistant, shock-absorbing, and waterproof as well. The brand claims them to be light in weight, but public opinion is against it.

The integrated side vents give enough exposure to your feet during the hot and humid weather. Moreover, it prevents the interior to get sticky and sweaty hence preventing your feet from germs and microbial diseases too!

Leather and textile have been combined beautifully to give you these durable, strong, and sturdy pair of tactical boots!

  • Easy to wear
  • Firm grip
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Shock absorbing
  • Available in only one color


BOTTOM LINE: The foam padding provided at the ankle of these boots is literally so COMFORTABLE! I doubt you would even slightly get obstructed while trekking on the rough terrains. Good luck with this one!

6. CQR Men’s Combat Military Tactical –Best Trail Running Shoes for Hiking

CQR Men's Combat Military Tactical –Best Trail Running Shoes for HikingOMG! I bet the design of these tactical boots would make you buy these for yourself without even a second thought! Firstly go and look over the images and then come back for reading out further review details!

So you’re back?

Did you like the metallic finish on these leather made boots? At least I did.

My favorite one out of these eight adorable designs is the Pixel Camo Green! I can’t accept the fact that these boats are available in just below 50 dollars hence giving these the title of the best tactical boots under $50!

Coming to the description, the only thing you need to take care of while getting these for yourself is the size. These boots are a bit narrow from the toe front so make sure to get at least ½ a size bigger so that you don’t feel uncomfortable while wearing these.

The law enforcement and military design, has provided enough stability and durability to these shoes; you don’t need to worry about the life of these. If taken proper care, they can last for about more than two years as well!

The extra smooth padded lining is another noticeable feature of these tactical hiking boots, hence would prevent your feet from getting damaged even to the slightest.

The quick and easy laces with multi straps on sides are going to save you from the trouble of laces getting dismantles again and again!

  • Trust me, amazing design!
  • Variety of colors
  • Stable and good grip
  • Comfortable and elastic from the edges
  • Narrow at the toe front, be careful while selecting your size.


BOTTOM LINE: Performance, quality, design, and price! An all in one piece produced with the finest details. It is no doubt one of the cheapest tactical boots available. I’LL SURELY GO FOR THESE IN FUTURE. WHAT ABOUT YOU?


For your ease and comfort, I’ll tell you beforehand that if you have got narrow feet; get a size 0.3-0.5 inch bigger while if you have wider feet get your size in these boots.

7. Salomon Quest 4D – Best Hiking Boots for Beginners

Salomon Quest 4D - Best Hiking Boots for BeginnersThough these appear to be heavy-duty boots, they are not much heavier in weight as they look. The perfect synthetic sole and shanks reinforced certify that you won’t lose support while walking upwards to the rough tracks.

Salomon has never disappointed its customers when it comes to excellent quality material. Use of nubuck leather in manufacturing makes them highly oil-resistant, shock-absorbing, and waterproof too!

Sounds Amazing right?

There are some more interesting facts about these boots.

Two protective caps are installed inside these boots; one at the front toe side and the other at the edge above the sole. Both of these ensures the comfort and safety of your feet.

Hence, you do not need to worry if you have got some foot infections or swelling issue; as long as you have these boots along. You can confidently go on every hiking trip and enjoy it to the fullest!

Whether there’s bad weather around or water swamps spots; Salmon Quest 4D is going to provide you with the protective covering you need. The speedy lacing system is also a pro and saves time when in a hurry. The laces have been allotted a proper place so they won’t get untied until you do that yourself.

  • Attractive design
  • Comfortable sole
  • Perfect grip
  • Shock absorbing technology
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • Not much colors available


BOTTOM LINE: For all types of outdoor adventures, get yourself these shoes, and you’re all set to go! It won’t be wrong if I classify these as the most comfortable tactical boots for hiking on this list. HAPPY SHOPPING!

8. Under Armour Men’s Infil Best Outdoor Boots for Men

Under Armour Men's Infil Best Outdoor Boots for MenYou’ll surely be surprised about the flexibility extent of these shoes. They may be called as a loose fit for ten sizes range, but I’m not much sure about it since it heavily depends upon the fact whether you have got narrow feet or the wide ones.

So instead of relying totally upon the flexibility feature, be wise in selecting your size. These Under Armour tactical boots are made from 100% leather with textile incorporated in the design. The sole is entirely synthetic and has got strong grips.

I have not found any defect while researching about these tactical boots, but one major thing I was concerned about was that the design is very classical.

It’s not made for those who like to follow the trends. Also, there’s little or no variety in color too. You have been provided with two color ranges only, a black matte one and a coyote to go for.

Apart from the fashion aspect, rest; comfort is guaranteed! The support is excellent and provides enhanced ankle stability. Also, the boots have got side vents to let your feet breath during the humid weather conditions.

I think; these are the best lightweight tactical boots for you for all your hiking and trekking adventures!

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable enough
  • Can be used on mountainous as well as the plain terrains.
  • Not much attractive colors, the design is classic.


BOTTOM LINE: A sure to go for if your first preference is quality material and comfort. But if you are someone who cares much about fashion and trends; this piece is not for you! Good luck!

9. Merrell Moab 2 8″ Tactical – Best 8 Inch Hiking Boots

Merrell Moab 2 8" Tactical - Best 8 Inch Hiking BootsHere arrive the best eight-inch tactical boots for hiking! Boots that even last on the toughest jobs and would provide you with the highest level of safety and comfort during long rough hiking tracks.

Durability is a guaranty over here; by the brand too. But the offer is limited so check them out soon before it vanishes out!

The material again is leather of the finest quality. The construction of these boots from head to toe has done with great care. The design is excellent, flexible, and trendy. You might have seen these boots worn by the actors in the action movies! 😀

As already stated, these are 8 inches long so would cover some part of your bottom leg too and trust me would look cool if you are pairing them up with some fine tight jeans.

The reinforcement shanks provided at the sole edge have got support and grip that you really need during hiking and trekking. You can quickly shift from one rock support to the other; these best 8-inch tactical boots won’t shatter your confidence in doing so, even to the slightest!

The lace pattern is pretty nice, though it would take some time to tie but can be loosened easily.

  • Attractive design
  • 8 inch cover
  • Highly supportive
  • 100% Pure synthetic sole
  • Literally no cons for these boots!


BOTTOM LINE: Merrell has been manufacturing quality products since long, and now they have established a good name in the market! Trusting brands BUT NOT BLINDLY is always an excellent option to go for in case you have less experience regarding shopping for a particular item. HAVE FUN!

10. Free Soldier – Best Breathable Tactical Boots for Hiking

FREE SOLDIER - Best Breathable Tactical Boots for HikingThese tactical boots will deliver you the kind of comfort and protection you are expecting in boots that you want to buy for hiking. The introduction of caps, at the edges, would save your feet from any external shocks as well. These shoes are entirely waterproof, shock-absorbing, and anti-foot fatigue as well.

I would classify these as specially made for those, suffering from feet swelling disease or any other kind of irritation they get to experience.

Side vents inserted in these tactical boots would provide enough air to circulate inside the shoes and make them breathable. Also, the flexibility of these boots would not cause discomfort to your feet during hot weather conditions.

The design of free soldier Men’s Tactical Boots is highly attractive. The sides are padded and line nicely with net mesh and that too coated with leather.

Apart from the design of the laces which I didn’t found much elegant, the structure of these boots is excellent. It is a good choice for those who care a lot about the details and like to go for a decent pair over the flashy ones.

  • Attractive decent design
  • Protective enough
  • Caps inserted inside make them more comfortable
  • Waterproof and light in weight
  • Some may not like the color scheme
  • The lace pattern can be a bit annoying


BOTTOM LINE: Other features you’ll appreciate on these boots is the non-oily sole, which won’t make your feet feel sweaty and irritated; so that you can enjoy a whole of a hiking trip to the maximum!

Want to get rid of dirty stains and dirt from your shoes? You should read this guide on how to clean tactical boots.

How to Choose the Right Hiking Boots – Buyer’s Guide

  1. Are you a fashionista?

If you are someone, concerned a lot about trends and fashion, I would suggest you to clearly go over the design and patterns before choosing the best tactical boots for yourself.

Though you might like the design on one and the pattern on the other; time-consuming research is required to fulfill that purpose and satisfy your trend cravings!

Don’t worry; the top brand boots won’t disappoint you. It is said that boots that provide comfort, usually don’t have the best color combinations and you have to end up making a little compromise on your choice.

Particularly for hiking purpose, I would suggest you go over the dark tones and not the lighter ones because obviously, your boots are going to get muddy and who even likes dirty shoes?

  1. Do you like lighter boots?

Shoe weight is another crucial factor to be considered, probably for those who carry bag pack with them while heading out for camping or trekking. That’s not much big of a problem!

Though shoe weight also directly relates to your shoe size but tactical boots are generally heavier than the normal ones; you can surely make a choice to go for the lighter- comfy ones.

  1. Your hiking place has swampy spots?

If your hiking place has got loads of swampy spots in between, your boots need to be waterproof.

Tactical boots come in a variety of properties associated with them, but some of them are generally very unique and might cheat you if you don’t get a check on them while buying. Waterproofness is a necessary factor to be checked over while you choose the best tactical boots.

  1. Don’t forget to choose your perfect fit!

Who even likes shoes falling off your feet again and again during treks? At least I would find this really annoying. To save you from this trouble, I would remind you to select your size CAREFULLY while getting for yourself the top tactical boots for hiking.

SIZE SHOULD BE YOUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY, before anything else! Do not go over the ‘one size fits all’ rule here because that’s not the case when it’s about tactical boots.

  1. Your friends can help you out!

Sometimes, people when talk from experience help A LOT. Take suggestions from your friends and family members who have already used a pair of tactical boots for trekking or hiking. Check out if they liked it or if not; what the actual reasons were.

This short gossip survey would be of great help to you and would save you time while you pick the right tactical boots for yourself.

Final Words

Ah! That’s all about the best hiking boots in 2019. I hope you would have got enough information regarding the best hiking shoes and which factors to consider while selecting a pair for yourself. I’ll be updating the article if I found any other except these 10 to fit in the category for the best tactical boots for hiking.

My personal favorite out of these all was the Salomon quest 4D. It has a simple, delicate, and decent design, and the company has made much investment onto the comfort feature. Drop-down your comments below in case if you have any queries. I would love to answer all of your questions regarding the best tactical boots for hiking in 2019. Until then.. GOOD LUCK! xx


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