Are Tactical Boots Good for Running? LET’S FIND OUT!

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Tactical boots come up as an ultimate necessity when it’s about the soldier’s military training. Well, that is very obvious that best tactical boots and combat boots serve for a variety of purposes, but does that include running too?

Are tactical boots good for running? The answer to this technical question is based upon a number of logic and facts. Talking logically, tactical boots and running do not seem to make up a good pair with one another, but what are the hurdles coming in between?

Why can’t tactical boots be used for running?

Or what precautions to be taken before you use your combat boots for running activities as well? Head onwards, and get all these queries answered!

Tactical Boots and Running Activities; A Good Pair?

Instead of dropping a straight forward answer, I would like you to explore the facts and then analyze those yourself. According to my research, I could not simply find a positive or negative answer to this multidimensional query!

Are Tactical Boots Good for Running?

Considering the Optimistic Approach First: YES! Tactical Boots Are Good For Running!

The modern era demands things and accessories to get updated too. Just like that, there are available some new trendy combat boots in the market, which are not only best for training purposes but can serve well during running too.

However, the insole of such tactical boots might have been developed by putting in a considerable amount of cushioning not to let the foot get hurt during running.

It indeed leads us to the conclusion that’ you would find a high price tag being attached to such tactical boots in the market. But this is pretty obvious! Boots serving you with an additional function need to have some extra bucks being charged upon them too.

These boots come up with the following key features:

  • An elongated tongue part on the front of the boot to give more support while running on the terrain.
  • A perfectly fitting ankle cup to not let the boot get loosen while you are running with your boots on.
  • A lesser bumpy outsole to not make your boot being stuck into the muddy and dusty ground while you run upon such routes.
  • Tactical boots that are flexible enough to let your feet breathe inside it.
  • Better traction and support for providing with the perfect grip while you run wearing these combat boots.

Keep in mind that while purchasing such running tactical boots, be sure to purchase the exact shoe size so that the shoe does not annoy you while you are wearing them and running during your training.

Looking at the situation from another perspective, being an army trainer, you would have to wear your tactical boots on a daily basis.

Wearing a certain pair of shoes daily makes your feet comfortable to them, and then no matter what, you do not feel any discomfort or pain while walking or even running while wearing them.

So for all the soldiers out there, who have got good patience and the synergy to bear a little pain,’ all kinds of tactical boots would work well while you use these for running too!

Considering The Pessimistic Approach: No’ Tactical Boots Aren’t Good For Running!

Let me first drop a fact over here’ as British Army leaders usually announce before the running activities during military training. That is, ‘’Normal tactical boots do increase the risk of injury while you run in them’’.

During the start of your time at the academy, while you try to run with your tactical boots on, they might injure your feet a lot. And too much of running can even produce many bad consequences.

We all know that running is a task where you need footwear, providing you a great amount of traction, support, and flexibility. Though the majority of the tactical boots stand best when it’s about traction and support, not all tactical boots are made flexible enough.

For this purpose,’ we cannot entitle tactical boots as ‘running boots’ too; until they pass certain standards that have been set by the manufacturers.

After all the above discussion, you have decided to buy a pair of tactical boot then we suggest you go through our buyer’s guide on how to choose the right tactical boots for yourself.


For all the soldiers and military men who have not got their tactical boots yet, I would suggest you do proper research and find your perfect fit. In case you bought the wrong pair, you do not get the chance to switch your boots because it is a kind of long term investment, so spend a reasonable amount of time and effort while looking for the best tactical boots for running for yourself. I hope this article would help you in doing that too. I hope I have answered the, are tactical boots good for running? in the best possible way. For any queries, use the comment box below; I would love to help you choose the best tactical boots for running.

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