Are Tactical Boots Good for Hiking? [BEST GUIDE]

Hiking is one hell of an adventure. Most of us love to explore hills and trekking paths through hiking. But like any other sports or adventure, we need the right gears to enjoy it. Here we are talking about the right boots for hiking.

Are Tactical Boots Good for Hiking?

Do you struggle to find the right shoes for hiking? If your answer is yes, then keep reading as we are going to solve this problem. In this post, we are going to analyze, are tactical boots good for hiking or not. Now without wasting a moment, let’s explore it further.

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Tactical Boots vs. Conventional Hiking Boots

When it comes to hiking or trekking, some people find it tough to choose between tactical boots and traditional hiking shoes. The three best methods for solving this issue are research, research, and research. You can make a better decision after knowing about the features, pros, and cons of each boot type. You can go for the right option based on your preferences and conditions.

Let me explain traditional hiking boots for you.

Traditional Hiking Boots

Hiking boots hit our mind as first thought when we consider the best footwear for hiking. Traditional hiking boots are designed in a fashion that they promise grip, stability, and balance to our feet on rough and uneven terrains. Rugged-look of these boots makes them a perfect choice for hiking.

Their thick sole provides sturdiness which reduces the fair chances of ankle injuries. They offer traction which provides a firm and secure grip on unbalancing surfaces and trails. The material used for manufacturing soles and the other parts of shoes ensure weather protection. While you are hiking or backpacking, your traditional hiking boots are designed to protect your feet from intense weather.

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Tactical Boots/Military Combat Boots

Are Tactical Boots for Hiking?

Are you getting confused about what I am talking? Don’t get confused. Let me unfold the mystery and clear your confusion.

Get your facts right that military boots are not only for an on job officer or ex-colonel, but they are for everyone. Everyone can wear them, even you too. You don’t need necessarily to be a part of the army or any law enforcement agency to enjoy benefits of tactical boots. Whether you are planning for backpacking or hiking on rough terrain, tactical boots are beneficial.

Best tactical boots for hiking are flexible, versatile, durable, sturdy, and they provide support for any adventurous soul that can benefit from.

As the market is saturated with different types of tactical and military boots, but your decision must be based on the environment and situation in which you will be using them. Finding the best tactical boots for men/women is easy if you understand your environment well.

For Example:

If you are looking tactical boots for a construction job, boots with a hard exterior is a way to go.

If you are looking tactical boots for hiking, you will need boots offering more support and flexibility. Naturally, most tactical boots are not suitable for trail running or hiking.

Many people use an additional insole with their military boots for enhanced support.

Is it going to work for you?

Well, it depends on the location of your hike and how intense your hike is and many other factors. Considering the above information, tactical boots can be an excellent alternative to your traditional hiking boots.

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What Different Types of Tactical Boots Are Available?

How can you judge tactical boots to find a best pair for you? It’s a very important question to understand. Let’s find the answer. Always check for the components, type and fit of the shoe when you are buying tactical footwear. Let’s dig into some details.

Hiking Tactical Boots

Within the hiking boots category, there are various kinds you can choose from:

Backpacking Boots: These boots are designed for hikes where you are going to carry heavier loads. They are perfect for on and off multiple day trips.

Day Hiking Boots: These boots are designed for short trips and fall into mid-to-high-cut models category. They are not as sturdy as much as backpacking boots.

Traditional Low-Cut Models: These boots come with flexible midsoles. If you are aiming for a long-distance but a light backpacking journey, these shoes are a way to go.

What Important Components Should I Consider in Tactical Boots?

You should consider these five components in every boot for comfortable hiking experience.

The Upper Material of the Boots: It impacts a lot how durable, waterproof, and breathable your shoes are. You have a lot of options in it, such as waterproof membranes, synthetics, full-grain leather, vegan leather, etc.

Midsoles: They define the stiffness of the boot. It determines the comfort and stability of boots on different rough and tough tracks. Polyurethane EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) are the most used materials. Hiking shoes come with internal support of shanks which are thick inserts of 3 to 5 mm between the outsole and midsole. Below the shank, plates are used, which are semi-flexible inserts.

Outsoles: Mostly made of rubber, outsoles are added to enhance the hardness and grip of the shoes.

Crampon Capability: It is must if you are going for winter backpacking or mountaineering.

The Fit of the Boot: Another point to keep in mind is that your hiking boots must have enough space for toes wiggling, as when your feet swell up, your boots don’t become irritating and uncomfortable.

Final Words

You will listen to many people claiming that tactical boots are best for hiking. You will also see people arguing in favor of conventional hiking shoes. Our final verdict is that both footwear comes with pros and cons. For tough and long journeys, we recommend you to grab a pair of tactical boots. For light backpacking and trekking, go for hiking shoes. But in the end, decide according to your environment and comfort. Because comfort is above all and it outclasses all other factors.

Have you got anything to share with us about your hiking shoes or hiking? Shoot in the comments section.


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